Washington Gas

Additional rebates on high-efficiency natural gas boilers, furnaces and water heaters are now available to residential Maryland customers through our partnership with Washington Gas as part of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program.

It’s easy to get started!

  1. Have an audit performed by a Potomac Edison Home Performance with ENERGY STAR participating contractor. Find a Potomac Edison participating contractor.
  2. Your contractor will provide you with a comprehensive report including recommended improvements to increase your home’s efficiency.
  3. Decide which improvements you want to have made. Please note, if you choose to have natural gas equipment installed as a part of the program, you must use a Washington Gas participating contractor for installation of natural gas equipment to be eligible for a rebate. Qualifying natural gas equipment may still be eligible for rebate if installed no more than 30 days before your initial audit. Search for a Washington Gas participating contractor.
  4. Once all work is complete, the Potomac Edison participating contractor will perform a test out audit which will enable you to receive up to 75 percent — or up to $7,500* — toward the purchase of energy-saving home improvements. Your contractor will also help you submit the rebate application after the test out audit is complete.

Eligible Natural Gas Measures

  • Furnace Tier 2 ENERGY STAR certified and minimum 95.1% AFUE
  • Boiler Tier 2 ENERGY STAR certified and minimum 95% AFUE
  • Storage Water Heater Tier 2 ENERGY STAR certified and minimum UEF 0.69
  • Tankless Water Heater Tier 2 ENERGY STAR certified and minimum UEF 0.89


  • *Rebate amount is based on the predicted energy savings for selected energy efficiency home improvements (maximum of $7,500 per home).

Auditors and contractors who perform work under this program are not affiliated with Potomac Edison or Honeywell International Inc. and their affiliates, and neither Potomac Edison nor Honeywell International Inc. and their affiliates make any promise, warranty or representation regarding work performed by such contractors.