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Welcome to the contractor resource portal, where you will find downloadable rebate forms, advertising artwork, links to useful sites and a new request form to replenish marketing literature. Click on the program link below to start searching for information that can help support your business.

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HVAC Equipment Rebate Application Form

HVAC Geothermal Rebate Application Form

Participating Contractor Agreement

Plumber Participating Contractor Agreement

Contractor Seal

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HVAC Contractor Pocket Guide

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® & Quick Home Energy Check-up Participating Contractor Application

Home Performance Audit Worksheet

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Post Installation Tests and Inspections (Test-out) Form

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Rebate Application

Quick Home Energy Checkup Rebate Application Form

Quick Home Energy Checkup Door Hanger

Quick Home Energy Checkup Brochure

Quick Home Energy Checkup Letter

Quick Home Energy Checkup Flyer

Click on the links below to download a copy of these files.

Contractor Seal

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Air Conditioning annual Energy Savings Flashcard

Heat Pump Annual Energy Savings Flashcard

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