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We are continuingly monitoring the impact of the coronavirus health emergency in Maryland. Our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® and Quick Home Energy Check Up audit programs are still operational.

Rest assured that participating contractors will follow health and safety guidelines when visiting your home or business, which will include precautions such as:

  • Wearing face coverings
  • Maintaining effective social distancing when possible
  • Using hand sanitizer and frequent handwashing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting tools, equipment and devices before and after the visit

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Get up to $150 in Energy-Saving Products

Maryland residential customers of Potomac Edison can start saving energy by taking advantage of the Quick Home Energy Checkup.

During the Quick Home Energy Checkup, an auditor* will evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and make recommendations for improvements to help you save energy and money. They will also educate you on other energy-saving programs that may be available to you. The checkup is done in under an hour and at no additional cost to you.

The auditor may install energy-saving products valued up to $150 during the Quick Home Energy Checkup. These products may include:

  • Up to 14 LED bulbs
  • Bathroom faucet aerators
  • Kitchen faucet aerators
  • Electric water heater pipe insulation*
  • Water-saving showerheads

* Must be an electric water heater without previously installed pipe insulation to qualify for this measure

Get started today — Contact a Quick Home Energy Expert in your area or call 1-888-267-4685 if you have questions!

Find more ways to save! View the Audit Program Comparison Chart to determine which home energy audit program is right for you. To read the General Terms and Conditions of this program prior to your audit, click here.

  • *Auditors and contractors who perform work under this program are not affiliated with Potomac Edison or Honeywell International Inc. and their affiliates, and neither Potomac Edison nor Honeywell International Inc. and their affiliates make any promise, warranty or representation regarding work performed by such contractors.